• Goddess of Genesis

    3D Next-Generation Fantasy RPG Goddess of Genesis, places the sacred mission of saving the world. Rising from a Mercenary Captain, you must summon world-famous heroes to your side to fight powerful dark forces! Send them to war, and feel the thrill of the ultimate fantasy battle in your hands!

  • Second Galaxy

    Second Galaxy is an open-world MMORPG with sandbox elements. Players can command various kinds of space crafts and team up with each other for rare resources. Compete with other alliances for dominance and trade in real time with full autonomy! A new level of freedom awaits you beyond the stars!

  • Langrisser

    Langrisser, one of the most iconic strategy JRPGs, was launched on mobile ! It stays faithful to the original's tactical gameplay, with class priority and terrain effects, and elevate the appearance of the game with an exquisite Japanese art style, top voice casting to create an epic fantasy world.

  • Laplace M

    As a new mobile open-world fantasy adventure game, Laplace M is set in a medieval world of sword and sorcery, accompanied with music by Motoi Sakuraba. Enjoy the thrill of capturing pets in a real-world environment, fight monsters, and explore real-time interactions with your magical creatures!

  • Kalpa of Universe

    From ZLONGAME, the developers that brought you Langrisser Mobile, comes a new masterpiece of mobile gaming. Kalpa is an RPG infused with the mystical beauty of Ancient Chinese legends and executed using cutting-edge technology, where a boundless land of adventure and conquest awaits your exploration.

  • Summoner of the Gods

    Set in an animated Chinese style, Summoner of the Gods plunges you into a fully-immersive seamless 3D world of relentless battle. Summon divine generals, then command and control them as you lead the charge in battle. The dawn of a new era in mobile adventure gaming lies before you!

  • Love & Sword

    Love & Sword is a 3D mobile game set in a mythical oriental world of gods and demons. The first game to introduce a two-player flight function. Six major strategically-balanced classes, intelligently-designed dungeons, and jaw-dropping ultimate skills to unleash in server-wide combat!

  • Legend of Nine Tails Fox

    The 3D Chinese MMO masterpiece – Legend of Nine Tails Fox invites you to explore a gorgeous world of depth and realism, where you're free to form a variety of social relationships with other players, or engage in the open world PvP where a thousand players can let loose and battle on a single screen!