Company Profile

ZLONGAME is a rapidly-growing mobile games company, specializing in
both developing and publishing mobile games for the global market. Our headquarters
are located in Beijing, China, and we currently have offices in Taipei, Tokyo, and Seoul,
with development centers in Beijing and Shanghai. To date, we have launched games in over 30
countries and regions around the world, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan,
Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.

Our Values

“Born for Fun”

is a notion that encapsulates the essence of ZLONGAME, and this concept permeates our mission and work ethic.
Since Zilong’s inception, we have been dedicated to the creation of games as a form of
cultural interactive entertainment, and a means of sharing the joy that goes into creating
games with players around the world. With everything we do, our core objective is always
clear: to convey the sincerity and joy of creation to our players.

Our Team

Under the leadership of our senior management team, ZLONGAME has created a number of innovative and
high-quality games, and has gradually become an international game company. Our team spans the
globewith more than 500 employees continuously creating, experimenting, and working hard to serve the
gaming needs of players around the world across various platforms.


Our independently-developed PDMatrix BigWorld Engine is currently used by our games Second Galaxy and
Langrisser, as well as other projects, facilitating interaction between players around the world through a
single group of world servers. As technological leaders in the mobile games industry, we currently own 20
software copyrights, and have obtained certification as a double-soft enterprise.

Global Strategy

Since the very start of our journey, we have positioned ourselves as a global company, devoted to distributing our games
to countries around the world.

At present, our company headquarters are located in Beijing, China, with offices in Taipei (China), Tokyo (Japan), and Seoul
(South Korea)actively carrying out local product distribution and operation.

As our global strategy has begun to take root, our brand has started to gain recognition from players around the world.
We are now actively pushing our overseas business into top gear, hoping to bring more exciting interactive experience to users everywhere.